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Consumer protection

Protection of consumer rights is a series of measures, implemented by the state and directed to regulation of public relations arising between consumers and business entities – manufacturers, executives, and include establishing of specific consumer rights, forms of possible violations of such rights and mechanisms of their protection, and also impose liability for violation of consumer rights.

Our attorneys will provide you with the following services:

  • Legal consultations on consumer rights;
  • Review and analysis of agreements entered into by sellers (executors and sellers) and consumers to identify the terms that infringe upon consumer rights;
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes on consumer rights;
  • Representation during trials on violation of consumer rights;
  • Legal assistance to a consumer who purchased goods of inadequate quality;
  • Legal assistance in cases of improper execution of work (performance of services);
  • Drafting of complaints, representation of individuals ( business entities) in pre-trial dispute resolution proceedings;
  • Drafting of claims, representation of individuals (business entities) during trial.