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Corporate Law

Corporate law is a branch of the civil law. Its rules govern social relations among organizations and operation of business entities, if such business entities are engaged in commercial activity. Corporate law is the foundation upon which any business venture is built. Moreover, its norms regulate the procedure for conducting business transactions. Therefore, it is extremely important for a business entity to comply with its norms, even before the start of its economic and commercial activity.

Our corporate law services include:

  • Legal assistance to a business venture;
  • Legal support for businesses, deals and contracts;
  • Participation in business negotiations with your clients and partners;
  • Registration of business entities, such as corporations, limited liability companies, funds; and also registration and liquidation of their branches;
  • Participation in shareholders and board of directors meeting as legal consultants;
  • Legal support for real estate transactions;
  • Investment operations and assistance with securities regulations;
  • Development of internal documents of a company (HR reports, accounting, decision making personnel, heads of departments and etc.);
  • Resolution of corporate disputes;
  • Development and maintenance of corporate records;
  • Corporate reorganizations ( mergers and acquisitions);
  • Business planning;
  • Representation of business entities before banks and legal assistance in acquiring a bank loan.