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Criminal Law

Criminal law is a branch of law that protects the most important social values from encroachment by declaring certain actions criminal and establishing penalties for their commission, as well as establishing the rules for imposition of such penalties. One and the same act may be qualified as different criminal acts, and accordingly, may result in punishments that are substantially different in degree. In such situations, it is extremely important to receive qualified legal advice.

Our criminal law attorneys offer the following services:

  • Representation of a suspect ( defendant) during preliminary investigation and during trial;
  • Representation of victims at all stages of prosecution;
  • Representation on appeal;
  • Appeal of sentencing decrees ( appeal by reason of newly discovered evidence and circumstances);
  • Representation of clients before the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation;
  • Representation of clients before the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Legal assistance during early removal of a criminal record;
  • Legal assistance during extradition.