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Customs law and transportation law

In the era of globalization of business and creation of international commercial networks, customs and transportation play an important role in establishing trade routes and links. Customs and transportation laws regulate the procedure and terms of crossing the customs border of a country. These procedures contain a lot of nuance, which can be understood only by an experienced and highly qualified professional.

In this area we offer the following services:

  • Legal consultations to individuals and business entities on issues of customs law;
  • Representation during the proceeding to determine whether to initiate a case on violation of customs regulations;
  • Representation in administrative proceedings concerning a violation of customs regulations;
  • Appeals of decisions, actions ( or inaction) of customs officials to a supervising customs authority;
  • Appeals of decisions, actions ( or inaction) of customs officials in court;
  • Representation during execution of court orders;
  • Representation in criminal cases on customs offenses, including during preliminary investigation, inquiry, incarceration, searches and detentions, development of defense strategy or the position of the prosecution, rehabilitation, imprisonment ( issues of housing and parole);
  • Customs duties;
  • Legal consultations on issues of sea, air and vehicle transportation of goods;
  • Preparation of contracts on transportation and storage of goods.