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Due Diligence

Due Diligence entails a comprehensive investigation of the company’s activity, its financial condition and position on the market. This method allows to evaluate possible risks (financial, legal etc.) and to determine whether it is reasonable to enter into agreements with other companies. The professionals gather a variety of information about an entity and then compile a summary analysis of its affairs.

The goal of the Due Diligence procedure is to form an objective opinion about an investment project, including its investment risks, or to arrive at an independent estimate of an object of investment. Due diligence entails a comprehensive analysis of the reasonableness of a proposed transaction or an investment project from the legal and commercial standpoints. It is very important to get full information on a company so that the investors and business partners could evaluate all the benefits and downsides of a proposed joint activity.

To determine benefits and downsides of a proposed transaction, it is necessary to analyze all aspects of the past and present condition of a company and the forecast for the future, including exposure to any possible risks. Inadequate due diligence may lead to bad financial results after the change of the owner, law suits, tax and financial audits and many other unpleasant consequences.

In this area we offer the following assistance:

  • Analysisof the activity of a company to determine whether it complies with the norms of to the Russian legislation;
  • Analysis of a company’s activityto determine the possibility of disputes with contractors;
  • Analysis of a company’sactivity to determine whether the company is protected from external unfriendly influences;
  • Analysis of a company’scorporate books and other internal documents;
  • Analysis of risks and optimization of tax schemes used bya company;
  • Minimization of economic and commercial risks by creatingcustomized agreements and contracts; consultations and recommendations on correcting legal mistakes educed in the process of analysis of the company’s activity.