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Family Law

Family Law is a branch of law that regulates economic and moral rights in marriage or other family relations. It is important to note that it is not settled whether this area of law represents a separate branch of law or is a part of the civil law system. The source of the Russian family law is Family Law Code of the Russian Federation. Often, members of family conflicts get so involved in the conflict and raging emotions, that, without outside help, they cannot come to a decision that would satisfy all the parties to a dispute. In such instances, an attorney, as an independent party, can offer the best solution for everyone involved in a dispute.

Our attorneys offer the following services in this area:

  • Representation during divorce proceedings;
  • Representation of clients in court without their presence;
  • Preparation and submission of claims to the court;
  • Preparation of applications for division of community property;
  • Gathering of information about all sources of income and property of a spouse;
  • Representation in court proceedings until execution of court decisions;
  • Preparation of a draft settlement agreement and its approval by the court.

Representation in cases involving child custody and child support:

  • Preparation, drafting and registration of a child custody agreement, child support and education;
  • Representation in court proceedings involving child custody and child support issues;
  • Establishment of paternity;
  • Challenging paternity;
  • Collection of child support payments for minor children.