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Gas, energy and natural resources

Russia has huge reserves of various natural resources. Such resources are exported abroad in large quantities. That is why this area is subject to heavy state regulation. In order to work in the area of natural resources or to invest in this section, it is necessary to be well versed in the legal requirements and fully comply with them. Moreover, it is necessary to take measures to maintain and preserve the natural wealth of our country.

Law Office «UrGazEnergo» offers the following services in this area of law:

  • Consultation on the issues of the Russian legislation in the field of gas supply, natural resources and energy;
  • Assistance with obtaining licenses;
  • Assistance and consultations on export of natural resources and energy abroad;
  • Representation before state environmental bodies;
  • Representation in court on issues of compliance with environmental laws and regulations on trade of energy;
  • Consultations on environmental regulations and environmental law.
Letter of Appreciation from the Federal Tariff Agency of the Russian Federation.